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Our reinforced blast and gastight doors are designed to protect the inner space of shelters and structures from the blast wave pressure up to 20KPa (0.2 Bar) created by a blast outside, as well as prevent the contaminated air from entering the protected area.

Basic characteristics:


  • Outer plate: 3mm + 2mm steel plates combination (5mm thick)

  • Inner plate: 2mm steel

  • Vertical and horizontal steel ribs

  • Filling: mineral wool

  • Steel metal frame and threshold L80x80

  • Special double locking mechanism for extra safety and easy manual operation from inside and outside

  • Three reinforced hinges with ball bearings

  • Left opening outwards

Double sealing around the perimeter of the door


Окрім захисно-герметичних  дверей власного виробництва  торгової  марки ПРО ЗАХИСТ, ми постачаємо імпортні двері (Фінляндія, Ізраїль, Німеччина, Швеція, Велика Британія). Звертайтеся до нас за додатковою інформацією.

Рекомендації по встановленню захисно-герметичних дверей 

Завантажуйте сімейство для зручного проектування.

Завантажуйте креслення дверей у форматі DWG для зручного проектування.


Dimensions and Specs:

  • Air opening dimensions: 900 x 1900 (additional dimensions available on request)

  • Frame dimension: 942 x 1981

  • Wall opening dimension: 965 x 1995

  • Frame dimensions with flange: 1090 x 2055

  • Approx. weight: 150 kg

Finishing and Color:

  • Epoxy primer for protection against corrosion

Optionally can be painted and varnished with polyurethane

Entrances used in peacetime and equipped with protective and gastight doors should be filled with doors taking into account the requirements of building and construction design standards and fire safety standards. This means that if a protective and hermetic door is installed in the doorway (provided by the project), but there is a need for a fire door, a separate fire door should be installed (provided by the project) next to the fire door. It will be a mistake to try to make the ZD fireproof, because this will lead, firstly, to an increase in its cost by two or three times, and secondly, to an increase in its overall dimensions.

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