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Together to success

We invite entrepreneurs and companies to cooperate.
Are you an engineer, architect, do you provide construction and installation or service services, do you supply equipment?

We have an offer for you!

Рукостискання в офісі

Each type of business has a common goal - making a profit.
If you want to expand your service portfolio, increase the number of potential projects and get new business opportunities, we are ready to help.
For more than ten years, we have gained experience in the field of equipment and technologies in the field of protective structures of civil defense. Now we are ready to share our knowledge. We are sure that each side of the partnership will benefit from this.

But the main thing is the protection and security that the end users of our products will receive - the owners and users of shelters, anti-radiation (follaut) shelters, private bunkers and protected rooms.

It doesn't matter if you only need one NBC-filter, one NBC/CBRN-filtration system or a blast door, we will provide you with the equipment in any case.

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