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CO2 scrubber for shelters

CO2 scrubber for use in shelters with close-up (full isolation) mode

The standalone AirGEN scrubber is intended for use inside sealed objects when it is necessary to clean the air of carbon dioxide. The required number of MARCISORB-CO2 cartridges is used together with the AirGEN stand-alone scrubber.
Description of AirGEN

  • Allows you to use one CO2 cartridge at the same time;

  • The steel structure is painted with a powder coating;

  • 76 mm fan with corrosion-resistant motor;

  • Rubber feet for installation on the surface;

  • Built-in handles for convenient movement;

  • Power from the built-in uninterruptible power supply or from the network.


Technical characteristics of the AG-35-BB

  • ​Dimensions (L×W×H) 349×476×570 mm (with installed CO2 cartridge);

  • Weight 41 kg without CO2 cartridge;

  • Up to 30 hours of continuous battery operation;

  • VRLA AGM batteries;

  • UL/CSA certified 12V charger;

  • Input 185-265V AC 50 Hz.

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