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Blast Mitigation Fabric

Solutions for the removal of concrete and brick debris hazards after an explosion

Product Features
▪ Withstands very high blast levels- 350 psi*MSEC (Impulse).
▪ Ideal for retrofit projects and for protecting historical buildings.
▪ Can be used to protect inner walls as well as outer
surrounding walls (embassies, government buildings, etc..)
▪ Can be employed easily to protect walls integrated with blastproof
▪ Can be used In oil refineries – to protect from vapor cloud
explosion threats.
▪ Cost effective.
▪ Environmentally friendly.
▪ Porous material which prevent condensation and maintains
area ventilation.
▪ Can be easily painted with commercially available paints.
▪ Fire retardant.

Send your request, and experienced engineers will calculate an individual project for your space.



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